We stopped off in Barrydale for a night on our way to The Eastern Cape and it was an absolute delight.

We had a teeny-tiny disaster when we arrived – the guesthouse we had booked AND PAID for was nowhere to be found… we followed the directions we were given After 850 m, once you have reached Barrydale, Strachan Estate will be located on the right-hand side”  – WELL we drove up and down the short main road about 10 times and it just wasn’t there – it wasn’t on the right and it wasn’t on the left! We finally gave up and stopped at the Watercourt Lodge to ask them if we were somehow missing something… and yip, it turns out Strachan Estate closed up shop a few months ago… they just didn’t think to let anybody know!!!

On the up side, if this didn’t happen then we would not have met the peeps at Watercourt Lodge, who are SO awesome. Lisle-Anne (who runs the lodge) confirmed that the towns accommodation was fully booked up because of the KKNK festival up in Oudtshoorn BUT could offer us a room in her house if we had no plan B – so to cut a long story short, we had no plan B, Lisle-Anne rushed off to her house to get her spare room ready for us, we had a quick bite to eat at the Bellafonte restaurant on the patio, a bird pooped on my shoulder, we dropped our things off at the De Lange’s house, visited Ronnie, had a yummy dinner at the Clarke of the Karoo restaurant in the Barrydale Karoo Hotel, fell into bed, woke up, went for breakfast and then it was Oudtshoorn time baby!!!

Big ups to Lisle-Anne and Barend de Lange! They are the kindest and most accommodating Barrydale-ers EVER. We cannot thank them enough for welcoming us into their home and being so awesome to us 🙂

Well done Barrydale – you definitely deserve your “2nd friendliest city in the Western Cape” title 🙂 – although we give you a 1st place medal for our experience 🙂