If you are anything like me, and I’m sure most of you are, you will agree with me when I say, keeping lunch interesting and healthy is a mission! Is it just me, or is life a lot busier than it used to be? Finding the time to make a healthy, good-for-you meal to take to work is few and far between. Don’t get me wrong. I love getting creative with my lunch-box and mostly, I get it right and it hits the spot. But, there are also times when I end up grabbing something else because what I’ve made is boring. Of course, I don’t throw the boring lunches away – I take them home and my trusty Lop enjoys them for me. His life doesn’t revolve around food the same way mine does. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but it is what it is. I enjoy good food. I especially enjoy good food that is exciting and healthy with pretty packaging. Enter JarBar Cape Town – the newest food delivery service.

JarBar is a lunch delivery service in Cape Town that is healthy, inspired and oh so good for you. Owned and run by 2 locals, Tanya Vee and Elle Bertie-Roberts have made it their mission to provide Cape Town with fresh, local and ethically sourced produce.

JarBar Friendly Food
Fresh homemade Salads and Soups delivered straight to your door.

JarBar Cape Town Food Delivery
YUM in a Jar.

I gave them a go and this is what I thought. Firstly, the ordering process was a total breeze with a wide variety of salads and soups to choose from (meaty, vegetarian and vegan). Secondly, there are no ordering restrictions – you have full control over what you want, how much you want and when you want it. Some weeks you might only need to order 1 meal, whereas other week’s you may require a full week’s worth of lunch treats. As long as you order before 6pm every Thursday, your lunches are sorted. Thirdly, the JarBar team plan ahead and source only the ingredients they need for the orders they have. Yay for zero waste. Each meal is prepared and delivered straight to your door between 8am and 12:30pm every day. Fresh, and with a giant big smile. Lastly, they are affordable, hassle-free and packed with goodness.

JarBar Cape Town

I had a tough time deciding what to order because everything on their website is drool-worthy. In the end I went for the Roasted Charlie Salad and the Thai Chicken Soup.

JarBar Roasted Charlie
All the bright and healthy colours.

JarBar Salad
Lunch time wine and salad treat for the win!

Roasted Charlie Salad (R55) – Roast chicken, butternut, onion, courgette, roma tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms with rocket and basil pesto. The personalized jar with colourful layers of fresh ingredients really grabbed my attention. I loved that they assembled the ingredients the way that they did. It meant that when I tipped the jar over, the salad was right side up and ready to tuck into. And boy did I tuck in. it was a generous portion that was packed with flavour and texture.

JarBar Thai Chicken Soup
If you like heat – you’ll love this.

JarBar Soup
Ooooh wine. Jokes – she was going for my soup.

Thai Chicken Soup (R55) – Spicy, free-range chicken soup and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. If you enjoy a bit of heat then this is the soup for you. Perfectly balanced flavours with just the right amount of heat and plenty of chicken pieces throughout. So much yum!

The gorgeous packaging is just the cherry on top of our love for JarBar and their delicious creations. Before I forget, you will need to pay a R20 deposit for your first jar, and thereafter you can swap it out when you receive your new lunch order or get your deposit back.

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