GROUPON mobile app promotion

I am 100% sure that I don’t have to introduce you to the awesomeness that is Groupon – it is one of the biggest discount deal sites out there and has a huge selection of things to do, see, eat and experience in over 500 cities around the world. You can pretty much find anything you need on their site and the best thing is that each deal that you buy is available to use immediately so you are never more than a few moments away from your next getaway, girly massage, romantic dinner or adrenaline adventure.

BUT… did you know that they also have a mobile app? I am more than a little ashamed to admit that I did not. But now and I do, and it’s so cool because I now have access to thousands of deals anytime, anywhere… right at the tips of my little fingertips. And to celebrate this fact, Groupon have a great deal running until Friday 13th November 2015 – simply download the App from the App store and you will get 10% off your first mobile app purchase.

Have a look at ALL these amazing things you can get your hands on!

Groupon Deals

Some important details to note:

The promotion is valid from 11th – 13th November 2015
Maximum Discount: R1500
Valid on all deals.
Code can only be used 1 time on each deal.
Each code can only be used once.
Failed EFT payments not valid for discount after promotion ends.

How to use a Promo code?

  1. Select the deal you wish to buy.
  2. Press ‘buy now’.
  3. Tick the box called ‘Use a promotion or gift code’.
  4. Enter the promo code (MOBILE10). We recommend that you copy and paste the code to ensure that there are no typos.

Enjoy your shopping spree!