I’m so impressed with what Essence South Africa is doing lately. Their make-up range is fun, girly and on trend and I love it. The fact that they are also super affordable is just the cherry on top of an already sweet deal. I have been playing around with a few goodies over the last little while and thought I would share my top Essence Haul faves with you.

Essence Haul

Forbidden volume mascara (R57.95) – this mascara is thick and goes on easily without any clumping. I love the whole heap of volume it adds to my lashes.

Blush ball (R57.95) – this little blush ball is as cute as it is effective. Simply roll a bit of colour straight onto the cheeks and blend in with your finger. Easy-peasy. It’s an on the go life-saver that has great staying power and comes in 2 colours – apricot or bronze.

All I need concealer palette one for all (R67.50) – I’m still playing around with this but basically it’s for all the make-up pros out there who know a thing or two about mixing combinations to best suit the skin tone. There are five colours (pink, yellow, green and light and dark beige) and each have a specific purpose – reduce dark circles, neutralize redness etc. fancy stuff!

Make-up sponges (R39.95) – love these cute heart shaped sponges. They separate in two down the middle resulting in a drop shaped sponge that reaches all the difficult areas around the face and do a great streak-free job.

3in1 profi nail pen trio-tool (R57.95) – everyone needs one of these guys. It’s a successful manicures best friend – the cap is shaped to push the cuticle back, there is a built in nail file and there’s a remover pen to clean up unwanted polish.

Do you have a favourite essence product that you can’t live without or have just discovered? I’d love to hear from you.