Daily Dish {And a Triple Giveaway}

Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in a day? We are busy – between work and play and life! And so, we savour the time we get to spend at home during the week and although we try to come up with new and exciting […]

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Coconut & Chocolate Cookies

The second challenge in the #MissionSamsung blogger challenge was to choose our own mission. We were given 2 options: to use the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven for Healthy Fried Food OR Baking Bliss. We chose Baking Bliss and made Coconut & Chocolate Cookies – a banting friendly sweet treat that’s […]

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Tomato and Bacon Poppers

Last week the lovely team over at ZZ2 Speciality Tomatoes sent us a big ol’ box filled with an assortment of their delicious range of tomatoes. Included in the pack was a recipe card for Tomato and Bacon Poppers which got me salivating just thinking about them. I love tomatoes […]

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CauliQueen the Banting Machines :)

BANTING, LCHF… the lifestyle/eating plan that everyone is talking about. It’s amazing how much hype has surrounded all things Tim Noakes. Everyone has at least one person they know with a story of how Low Carb High Fat has changed their lives and we are thrilled to see how many […]

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LCHF Breakfast

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day. I love that there are so many breakfast options out there. Our breakfasts are more brunches these days. Here are some LCHF breakfast options that we love! What are you favourites?
LCHF Bread topped with smashed Avo, salt and pepper
Quick and easy and […]

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Carb Free Bread

Tim Noakes and the Real Meal Revolution are taking over the World. Everyday I hear about another friend / collegue / stranger who has decided to jump on the Bant-wagon and I find it really interesting. Some do it for weightloss, others for health and some just want a reason […]

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Cauliflower Pizza

Cauliflower Pizza – who doesnt love pizza, right? This easy cauliflower pizza turned out perfectly and it was packed with flavour and goodness. We left ours in a little longer to get the base extra crispy and it was delicious. Also, super filling. It’s a pretty good alternative if you’re […]

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Bacon & Egg Muffins

Bacon & Egg Muffins… a super duper easy low carb high fat breakfast recipe to try. These egg muffins are packed with flavor and you can chop and change the fillings as you wish. They are nice and filling and make pretty awesome on the go snacks too. Seriously easy […]

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We have always had a little Friday night is burger night tradition… it’s not a every-single-Friday-night-we-have-to-stay-in-and-eat-burgers kind of tradition… it is flexible and it comes and goes quite often. We mix it up –  We go out, we stay in, we get take outs, we skip burgers all together and […]

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