BANTING SWEET TREATS – so many recipes have grabbed my attention since we jumped on the bant-wagon a little while ago and for the most part, they have been recipes that have been easy to make and even easier to eat. Like these amazing Bacon and Mozzarella Sticks – which […]

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Banting Bacon Mozzarella Sticks

I love it when I find a recipe that is quick and easy to make, and ends up tasting as delicious as it looks and sounds. These Banting Bacon Mozzarella Sticks ticked all the boxes (and then some) and totally wowed the socks off the lop – feeling like a […]

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Chocolate crème de la crème cake

Low Carb is Lekker is a collection of low-carb, budget-friendly recipes of some of the best all-time favoutie dishes we have come to know and love…  chicken pie, bobotie, mac ‘n cheese, malva pudding, chocolate brownies and milk tart. It’s the food your mom used to make you as a […]

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Sedgwick’s Saucy Steak

We received a very cool package the other day – a new braai kit with a bottle of Sedgwick’s and a drool-worthy recipe to make Sedgwick’s Saucy Steak. Steak must be one of the ultimate cuts of meat for a quick, delicious lunch or dinner to be enjoyed any time […]

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Banting Granola

Anyone who knows anything about the Banting way of life will know what I’m talking about when I say “a little crunch goes long way” – you start to crave crunch (well I do anyway) and I haven’t really found anything that’s wowed me, crunch-wise, until now… here’s a recipe […]

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Forries New Banting Menu

Forries has jumped on the Bant-Wagon and we couldn’t be more excited. I doubt there is a single person living in Cape Town that hasn’t been to Foresters Arms at least one time in their lives. I know we have – many, many, many times and for a number of […]

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65 on Main Banting Restaurant

Banting! Banting! Banting! We’re all talking about it – some of us have bought the book (along with more cauliflower heads than ever before), some of us have followed the recipes and whipped up cauli-mash, cauli-rice and even cauli-pizzas at home, some of us tried swapping the odd carb for […]

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Col’Cacchio Pizzeria Date Night

Friday nights are Date nights in Lopville land. We usually stay home, whip up something fabulous to eat, have a few glasses of wine and retire to bed at a reasonable hour – we are very into saving our energy for Super-Saturdays and Sunday-Fundays. But every now and then we […]

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The Banting Box

We recently discovered The Banting Box and we couldn’t be happier because they have basically taken everything that is banting and put it into their very own one-stop-shop, making life that much easier for all of us! Whether you have just started your banting journey or you have been a […]

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Banting Chocolate Cake

If you follow the banting/lchf lifestyle you’ll know that every now and then you need to give your sweet tooth some loving and I have the perfect recipe to do just that… Banting Chocolate Cake. There are quite a few recipes out there but with a little bit of tweaking, […]

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