The lovely team over at Rubybox Beauty sent me a few goodies to test and review the other day and I must say, I’ve really been loving the Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray. Made up of nothing but the very best spring water in the World (and a bit of nitrogen to convert the water into spray), it’s a super impressive product that is known for its soothing powers.

Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray

I’ve been using it for a little over a week and I’ve found it to be extremely gentle and refreshing on my sensitive skin. The spray comes out as a light mist I am in love with the way it makes my skin feel – morning, afternoon and evening. This has fast become the product I turn to for a little pick me up when I’m feeling tired. A quick spray first thing in the morning gives my skin a hydration boost and the cold mist acts as a calming wake-up call. But that’s not all that the Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray is good for. It’s a multi-purpose product that has a long list of uses including:

  • Soothes redness, sunburn and other skin irritations.
  • Calms diaper rash, razor burn, eczema etc
  • Refreshes and hydrates tired skin
  • Helps heal damaged skin
  • Acts as a setting spray when applying make up
  • To use as a toner / to remove make up

All in all, Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray is the purest form of water from the mountain springs which is infused with rich minerals and nutrients and is beneficial to all skin types. It’s compact enough to pop in your bag and take with you… everywhere. I know I won’t be leaving home without mine. It’s amazing what a little spritz of freshness can do for you.

Have you tried the Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray? I’d love to know you thought of it?
Get yours at Dischem – R139 for 150ml.